Sunday, September 28, 2014

Export FBX in Blender

One of my projects was to design a modular way to add lots of buildings in Unity 3D. Many of those objects are found at Blendswap. I've been asked many times to do a tutorial on how to use them. I've been planning to do it for a while now, but I guess it's time now. I've decided to do it in written form instead of video.

First step. How to export modules from Blender.
  1. Open the Blend-file you want to export from.
  2. Hide everything that shouldn't be exported if needed.
  3. Click on Export under the file menu followed by the filetype you want to export to. I use fbx when I export to Blender. (Image 1)
  4. A page will show up where you enter basic things like name and where you want to save the file. If parts of the blends have been hidden it's important to check Selected Objects in the property panel or everything will be exported. (Image 2)
  5. Click on Export FBX and the file will be exported.

Image 1
Image 2